Friday, January 7, 2011

Sigma "Make Me Up" Collection

Hi Loves! This is my very first blog post, as I have decided with the new year to start using my blog which was created about a year ago and never used. I am sure I will have some glitches to work out as well as things to learn so bear with me. I wanted my first post to be about something I absolutely love, so SIGMA brushes of course were a mandatory item to blog about. I have since the beginning been a supporter and huge fan of SIGMA. There is not one item which has been created by this line that I dislike. Some brushes I do not use for their "intended" purpose, however they are all used and loved by yours truly. This kit retails for $99.00, and Sigma ships worldwide!

The brand new "Make Me Up" Collection is such an innovative creation. First of all, the colours are all gorgeous.

Black "Make Me Classy...."

Purple "Make Me Crazy...."

Coral "Make Me Blush...."

Aqua "Make Me Cool...."

The packaging is a snap together hard cased duo cylinder container to house your makeup brushes either encased and snapped as a whole, or displayed separated as a pair. This allows for easy access as well as the ease of grabbing brushes in a heartbeat for quick use.

Some of the brushes have also changed and improved for the better. The most noticable of these changes are found in the following brushes

ss252 (e60)

The brush is larger scale than the original, bristles longer and over all a denser brush.

the ss266 (e65)

now thinner and has a sharper edge

the ss219 (e30)

finer taper and denser (stiffer) with more resistance for greater precision

the ss209 (e05)

finer taper allowing for a more precise line

and finally the ss224 (e40)

a bigger, fluffier brush overall, longer bristles than the original

I own the purple set "Make Me Crazy"

In my opinion, Sigma has hit another one out of the park, with their innovation, customer service and quality. I am on pins and needles waiting to see what will be next from this ground breaking company. 
Sigma is marked by imagination, initiative, exceptional customer service and readiness to undertake new projects, and that my loves, is golden :)

Dana <3


  1. Yay! I like your Blog Dana! I have never tried sigma brushes before but I think I would like to in the future. If you ever have time I would love for ya to check out my blog. Anyways love your makeup looks on youtube, I am big fan!

  2. Blogs are definitely hard to keep up with ... especially if you're in front of a computer all day for work, like me :-( Its hard to want to get on the computer at home, but when I do blog its so much fun! Glad yours is up and running ... and by the way, I am so getting that purple set!! Thanks for sharing :-)

  3. Glad to see you've started a blog Dana. I found it so hard to keep it up ages ago and deleted my old one over a year ago but like you am determined to keep up with my current letzmakeup one!! So far so good:) I love the look of these brushes! I own the original set but really like the idea of pink or purple! Appearence is important after all, lol:) Siobhán.

  4. The new brushes look amazing! I can't wait to get them to try them out! Great Blog post!

  5. It's a wonderful news, congrats for the new blog!!!!
    What about the price of the Kit???

  6. this is a great post, i really want to get those brushes now! xx