Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Our Tenth Wedding Anniversary

 Here is a little glimpse into my personal life.

Jason and I were married on December 7th, 2002. It was an extremely small wedding (30 ppl). Seeing to it as it was two weeks before Christmas, we went very simple. No hall, no photographer, nothing fancy. Just two people in love wanting to start the rest of our lives together.

There are a few existing photos which are dark and grainy, taken with disposable cameras by friends and family at the wedding. Having a photographer did not seem like a huge deal at the time but as the years went by, I longed to have something beautiful from the day, captured, to look at and share with the kids.

I decided a couple of years ago that when our tenth anniversary came along, it would be the perfect opportunity to celebrate. So, three weeks ago, after ten years and five children, I managed to get myself back into my dress (with plenty of healthy eating) Jason into a tux and have a good friend and professional photographer Mr.Eric Malette take our Tenth Wedding Anniversary photos. 

These are our hands & my Mom's scrabble tiles.

Hope you enjoyed seeing a few of my favourites from the shoot!!

Dana xo

Monday, October 8, 2012

New Sigma Products (Coming Soon)

Eye Shadow Bases!!

The Bare, Dare and Flare Eye Shadow Base Kits contain a set of 3 eye shadow bases and one brush for a seamless application (available for $36). The eye shadow bases were made with a smooth and blendable formula to achieve a long-wearing, high pigmented effect. Mix and match these bases with the original eye shadow palettes or wear alone to create a variety of looks. The bases will also be sold individually for $13 each. I don't know the exact size but with MAC Paint Pots at 18.50 + tax Canadian, these are much more reasonably priced.

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I cannot wait for these bases. I always use a base as a professional. It always adds that perfect...well....base for my shadows to stick to. Bases are also great for duochrome shadows to get the true payoff.  It is not necessary to use the exact base colour as the shadow. Pairing a base colour with a different shadow colour will give new life to a shadow.

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The above colours are individual eye shadows from the Paris Palette (all of which I LOVE!) as well as individual shades from the Bare, Dare, Flare palettes. This makes me personally happy, because there are some colours I love from the Bare, Dare and Flare palettes, and some I do not touch at all as I do not care for them, or like the texture, pigmentation etc.

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 Fantastic news about the products found in the Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit. All cosmetic products found in the kit will now be available for purchase individually. I love the complete kit for myself as a pro and use it all the time. It makes sense for a pro as we work on different faces everyday. For a regular person, although you CAN use all colours from dark to light on yourself depending on the look you are going for. Most tend to stick with the shade closest to their brow colour. Many find it pricey as well if you are only interested in a single product out of the big kit (retails for $69.00) The powders as well as the gels and brow pencil will now be sold as singles. The highlight pencil is great and a fantastic creamy base for my highlight. I do not know the prices for the individual brow items as of yet. You can keep an eye on the Official Sigma Beauty Facebook Fanpage and/or their Official Twitter for release dates. I have detailed reviews of the Brow Design Kit as well as the Paris Palette on this blog. Find them here (Paris) and here (brow kit).

Simone (Sigma CEO & Owner) informed me these items will all be available by the end of the year. I believe mainly in November sometime. Keep an eye on Sigma Beauty for the exact release date. 

Don't forget that Sigma will have their annual Black Friday sale (usually FREE SHIPPING!) INTERNATIONALLY! <---now that's a deal!

Sigma also has monthly coupon codes to recieve 10% off your order. 
The code for October is DEAL2012

Happy Thanksgiving from Canada :)