Saturday, January 29, 2011

The Body Needs - MAC Samples & Beautiful Mineral Pigments!

Happy Saturday Loves,

I was contacted by this company a few months back now (I am slow reviewing). They asked if I would be interested in trying out some of their minerals. I immediately went to their website and took a peek, making sure it looked legit & that they seemed like colours/products I would be interested in. I never review or accept items from any company whom I feel would be a waste of time or product.

The website was very clean, easy to navigate & extremely well organized, which appeals to me, as I cannot tolerate being on a website with loud ear sore music or bright flashing strobe graphics. The same rings true of shopping in real life. If I am in a store which is blaring music and is messy (clothes on the floor), items hard to find etc...I leave. Simple. Not that I am a high maintenance snob by any means, rather want a nice shopping experience. Not annoying your customers, makes them want to stay, so kudos to The Body Needs for a pleasant website which I frequent often.

I chose five pigments and one blush. The eye colours were as follows.

Chalet Green

Seduce Me

Winter Caress


Blush: In The Mauve (right)
I wanted to show the size difference between eye & blush containers :)

The initial swatches are dry with no base whatsoever. Great for a soft application, or daytime, however, I am not a soft gal, so......

These are the swatches with a brush dampened in the "Mixing Medium". They really strut their stuff!

Chalet Green - GORGEOUS!!!

Seduce Me - GORGEOUS!

 Hand tilted away from daylight
 Hand tilted toward daylight

Winter Caress (A Beautiful Duo-Chrome)

I did not wet "Blanc", it is a beautifully pigmented matte & I never foil mattes :) It is a great dupe for MAC "gesso" <---- My fav matte white.

MAC Gesso

The Body Needs provides so many items from their mineral line, covering all bases in what you would need from a mineral makeup company. With the exception of foundation. Fragrance powders, concealers, setting powders, correcting powders, lip and nail kits, pigment pressing kits, and the list goes on & on.

Now, whilst browsing the site, something caught my attention. MAC samples. What a brilliant idea! I am sure someone has done this before, however it is hard to trust that a product is authentic. Therefore, I waited for my original package to get to me, as I wanted to be sure shipping did not take ten years. I had my package very quickly to Canada, so that day I went back to the site & placed an order for some MAC samples, to see & test the authenticity before mentioning it to my followers. This is legit. I am aware there are always stories and word spreads like wildfire. I had a message in my inbox regarding the company, a follower letting me know they had questioned the authenticity in the past. So as stated, for my own reasons, as well as not knowing the company I waited.

I ordered (and paid for) the following four paint pots...

Blackground (Champale collection)
Black-grey with multi-colour (Pearl)

Constructivist (Champale Collection)
Metallic brown w/red pearl (Frost)  

Dangerous Cuvée
Frosted cool gray

Soft Ochre
Yellow beige (Cream)

These are sample size and in my opinion, have enough product in each pot for about 20-30 uses if applied correctly. That is more than enough to try out a product & see if it is something you would like to order the full size from MAC. This company does not sell full size MAC products so it is not as if they are trying to rip off and resell MAC. They are simply giving people a chance to either try out or have a chance in general to own some MAC products as they are a luxury for many.

I am not a MAC nut. Their products are very hit & miss for me. However, their paint pots & pigments are a staple in my kit and always will be. The Body Needs has fluidline samples as well, however I am NOT a fluidline lover. Some people LOVE them, to each their own. I find fluidline dries ridiculously fast and for that reason is a huge waste of money in the full size. A sample size however, would not have the chance to dry out as fast nor waste as much product. Full size jars, need to be flipped over when not in use, if the jar is open, as when exposed to air it turns into a dry cakey mess.

This site also offers MAC packaging, after distributing samples, which is great for recycling, or suckers for packaging, MAC lashes, quad palettes, among other items.

I think this company has great items & I am in love with the MAC sample idea. Not everyone has hundreds of dollars to drop at a MAC store or online, for that reason, many people need to save up in order to get a MAC item. It would be a shame to spend all that money & hate a product or for it to be a waste of money. Such a great way to try it out for a great price. They always have the latest MAC collections, to try.

I really enjoy shopping "The Body Needs" and think they are onto something great. If you are interested in trying out some DUPES for MAC brushes, they also sell a few of them. These brushes ARE NOT real MAC brushes. It states this repeatedly on the website & it is evident in the photos that the brushes are Loew-Cornell brushes, which can also be found at Micheal's Arts & Crafts Supply stores. I own a few Loew- Cornell brushes and they do serve the purpose of a MAC brush. Not as soft, however get the job done!!

If you trust my opinion, feel free to check out the website & place an order. I am NOT affiliated with the company, nor do I receive any compensation for the mention, or purchase of any products. That's not how I roll :)

Dana <3

  • they have a face book fanpage where customers swatch colours for you to browse as well as get info on sales :)
  • its minus 34 outside right now...yes I said minus.
  • I am going to my Mom's to sort a bin of missing socks. I have the most exciting life. Don't hate.


  1. Thank you Dana for your always honest opinion...I'm not a big MAC fan either but do love their pigments, even though, now I am into making my own pigments. FYI will let you know if I decided to start my own business... I have checked the website and excited about placing an order....will mention where I heard about their website....thanks again..Betty

  2. I love Mac samples! And I never order them online because I also question their authenticity. However, I will be checking out this site and possibly order their own pigments. I really like that Chalet Green--I have a color similar, but not quite that shade, and theirs is prettier than mine. =) Thanks for the review!

  3. i will check out this site, i love the idea of mac samples. i don't know what they cost in general, but here in romania one eyeshadow is 25 dollars, and for me it's quite expensive :).
    anyway, i'm sorry for the -34 degrees :-s
    warm huuuugs >:D<

  4. When 'The Body Needs' says you're getting MAC samples that's exactly what you're getting.

    Trust me.. I know. I'm the owners dad. :o)

  5. I think samples are an excellent idea as well...
    Your right..especially for paintpots and pigments...
    I would never use a whole jar of a pigment..or a whole jar of a paintpot in record time..before drying out...Thanks for the review!~ :D

  6. Honestly, I LOVE the body needs!!! I am a huge fan of urban decay eyeshadows. I bought the urban decay "black palette", and I was really disappointed because though the colors looked nice swatched on my hand, when i put them on my eyes, all the colors looked exactly the with different colors of glitter:( It was impossible to distinguish one color from the other. I had to return it, and it was something I really wanted to love. I ordered the body needs blackened collection, and I am so AMAZED!!! And I am so happy because this is what I expected from the urban decay palette. The colors are GORGEOUS and so true to name, on my hand AND on my eyes. I really LOVE their products, and the prices are so reasonable that there really is nothing to lose by trying the items...thats how I began, and now I am a customer for life:)

  7. THIS WEBSITE IS A SCAM!!! They stole my money and claimed they refunded me which never happened. I had to file a claim against them and they will get what is coming to me. I am sure all the people saying positive things about this website are people that work for this horrible company!! I will NEVER EVER EVER order anything from them again and I am warning you to do the same. This company needs to be shut down immediately.

  8. The body needs is great.. Although it took over a month to receive my order (Canada) the samples are great and I love the idea.