Monday, September 3, 2012

Sigma Makeup Paris Palette *Limited Edition*

So here is the low down. Last fall a group of you tube beauty gurus were brought to Paris with Sigma beauty to create this one of a kind palette drawing inspiration each from an assigned landmark in Paris. This palette is the result.  
It is unbelievably beautiful. The palette is one of the most visually stunning palettes I own.

Here is a breakdown description of the colours of both the eight eyeshadows as well as the two blushes and one highlight.
EIFFEL: Jet black with multicolored sparkle
SEINE: Pearled midnight blue with shimmer
LOUVRE: Saturated, deep turquoise blue
ORSDAY: Bright, vibrant turquoise with gold sparkle
ELYSÉES: Rich burgundy with gold shimmer
NOTRE DAME: Plum taupe with shimmer and flecks of gold
TRIOMPHE: Warm brown with a subtle green sheen (duo chrome)
VERSAILLES: Neutral shimmer with gold and white sparkle

I find the shadows with the heaviest shimmer/glitter content extremely soft so take it easy with the brush. Tap off well. I know that was a huge issure for many with the original makeup release by Sigma years ago. I still have those palettes and use them all the time. They are some of my favourite shades ever made and I treat them like gold. These are much better in quality and colour than the trio palettes released over a year ago ( flare, dare and bare) but that is another post for another time.

Blushes & Highlight
The blushes and highlight in the Paris Palette were carefully developed to compliment all skin tones.
ROUGE: Neutral rose color - matte
PÊCHE: Soft and sheer peach color - matte
LUMIÈRE: Subtle and soft pearl highlight
(Rouge stained my arm for a day) 

Included are a e55 shading brush (MAC 239 comperable)
as well as a f40 large angled contour brush.

They really are all beautiful colours as you can see by the swatches. I have done only one look so far with it. I used Seine, Elysees, Triomphe and Versailles.

I failed to take a picture of that look so I will recreate on my channel in the coming week or so :)

Retails for $59 USD

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Much love :)

Beauty Expert ~ Brow Design Kit by Sigma Beauty

Hi Loves,
Long time right?

So Sigma Beauty has released a bazillion products in the past year. Okay, maybe not a bazillion, but a LOT! Some are hits with me and others were just so-so. I will eventually do reviews on all of these items I hope but for now, lets review a few of the new ones. 

The beauty expert brow design kit. If you know me at all, you know how much I love eyebrows. They frame the face, change a makeup look in a heartbeat and good grooming opens up the eye area and can change your looks so dramatically. I have naturally dark brows and a pretty decent shape going on but lets face it, we all need a little help. This kit has got it all. Fifteen items to help absolutely anyone achieve their perfect brow. 

Included in Kit:
5 Brow Powder Shades: Bella, Chloé, Scarlett, Natasha & Valentina
E75 - Angled Brow & E80 - Wand Dual-Ended Brush (spoolie)
Dual-Ended Brow Pencil (medium & dark)
Dual-Ended Brow Gel (clear & tinted)
Dual-Ended Highlighting Pencil (matte pink and shimmer gold)
Small, Medium & Large Brow Stencils

Now at first, I thought this is fantastic for me as a makeup artist. But what about the average woman? She may use one colour and never use the others. But, I use a mix of them as well as different colours for different looks. If I want intense I use Valentina. If I want ombre I use Natasha at the beginning of my brow and darken the rest to the ends with Valentina. If I am not wearing much makeup and am quick out the door I will reach for a light, quick fill with Scarlett. For a makeup artist this is a dream. I have all the tools I need to groom, fill, shape and enhance brows in one kit.

I have trimmed with the great little scissors on site. I have used the small and medium stencils for bridal makeup and they are great. I can free hand brows pretty quick and accurate but these ensure balance on both sides. Do one brow, flip it over and do the other.

I love the shimmer gold highlight. I know I wrote pink for the matte one as it does not have a true white hue. None the less it is not pink enough to alter the colour of a highlight laid atop of it. Don't let it scare you. It is non greasy and a fantastic alternative to NYX milk which creases like nobody's business. The brow pencils themselves are also non greasy. They go on pigmented but not eyeliner precise or thick. If that makes sense. We don't want sharpie marker eyebrows. As long as your pencil is sharp, you will get that nice clean line with these pencils. Or get a light natural application with short hairlike strokes. I would prefer a little thinner a pencil if it ever changes.

Love the dual ended brush. The e75 is a sharp angled brow brush comperable to a MAC 266 with bristles a tiny bit shorter. It has inproved ten fold over the original which came with the original brush kits a few years back. The e80 is what I like to call a spoolie and is used to brush and place brow hairs. Its like a dry mascara wand if you will. Speaking of mascara wands, the dual ended brow gel has a clear as well as a tinted end. I find the clear one a little thick so I would suggest running it through a kleenex to wipe ot off a little so it is not goopy. No issues with the tinted gel however, adds a bit of colour highlight and sets the brows at the same time.

The sharpener is standard and there is nothing phenomenal about it.

The tiny scissors are angled a touch and it works great for me as are the tweezers. They are both sharp and feel/fit great in the hand. 

The packaging is a box with a mirror inside the carboard lid. The scissors and tweezers have elastics built into the packaging in their slots to slide back into for safety. Everything fits and clicks back in nicely. The last thing you want is to open a palette and have everything fall out all over you.
In conclusion, this may be one of my favourite items released by Sigma. It saves me so much time every week on the job. It is beyond convenient and I highly recommend it if you are an artist. 
This retails for $69 USD.
At first, you may say. Holy......
When you break down all that is in this kit, from good tweezers to five powders, the dual gel the dual brush, the scissors, the highlight pencils and the quality of it all?  You would pay and outrageous amount of money if you were to buy these fifteen items seperately. and then you would need to house them all together. It is a MUST investment for makeup artists!!

You can buy it here with a coupon for September good for ten dollars off :)

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