Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Sigma Eye Shadow Base Swatches

Sigma Beauty has released the long awaited eye shadow bases. They sell individually at a cost of $13.00 for a 5g jar. This is the same amount of product as a MAC paintpot but at a much better price.

The packaging is round and sleek, a bit thick for the size of the product pot, but I am not picky about packaging. I care about the product and if it works.

There is a inside cap to help prevent drying of the product. Keep this inner seal if you want your product to last. A big downfall with MAC fluidline and Paintpots is that they dry out so incredibly fast which makes them difficult to work with and thicker than they should be.

These are incredible pigmented whole being SO thin and creamy in consistency. I love that about them. Being a makeup artist I work on all skin types and all ages. Putting a thick cakey base on an eye which is aging will cling and look TERRIBLE! So these are a god send!

The"Bare" Bases

 In my opinion, persuade is an almost exact dup for MAC paintpot in "painterly"

The "Dare" Bases



Provoke is the only colour in all honesty that I could do without as I do not use peaches on myself or clients. These swatches were all taken in natural light and the camera does not do them justice.

If you prefer to have the three bases in one kit, it is an option at a price of $36.00 USD . Including a brush. Which is a savings of $3.00 per three bases if bought as a kit. I personally took them out of the kit and put them all into their own traincase as well as all the individual eyeshadows. That is what works better for me :)

Now, what everyone wants to know is how do they hold up for creasing. So far so good. I have not used all colours for a day of wear as I very rarely wear makeup at home on a daily basis. I did use Sculpt which is a shimmery charcoal on my daughter Madison for a school talent show last week where I had her done up like Lady Gaga. I did her makeup at 6:15 a.m. and she came home at 3pm. Her eyeliner was a mess, and there was a very, very faint crease line in one area on her lid after nine hours which is pretty good on an oily teenager with all the sweating in the talent show etc. As I wear them I will continue to share my thoughts on how they last throughout the day.

Dana xo

Saturday, February 16, 2013

New Sigma Individual Eye Shadows & Brow Products

Hi Loves!!

Sigma Beauty has become a real front runner as far as innovation, customer service as well as creating a constant flow of new items to keep us inquisitive as to what they are going to pull out of their hats next. I know sigmas first stab at a makeup line a few years back did not go over well with many people, but to this day "Sweet Virginia" from that line is my absolute favourite eye shadow of all time. I rationed my first pan over the past few years. I have a brand new pan in my cupboard and I may cry when I tear the packaging off of it, knowing it is now extinct!

My Sweet Virginia - Gone but never forgotten *sniff*
The new line of shadows came out about two years ago and was received well. Some criticism was given regarding the packaging being quite thick and bulky and there was a demand to not be required the whole palette, rather choose a few shades and be able to purchase individually. I will admit with the first Bare, Flare & Dare, there were a few great shades, some not so great. Some were very pigmented, some sheer, some chalky. I had very mixed feelings about all of them.

When the Sigma Beauty Expert Brow Design Kit came out I immediately fell in love with it and cannot even begin to explain how much I use it daily as a makeup artist. Again, people really wanted to be able to buy the palette powders, pencils and highlight pencil broken down into individual products. Owning this palette makes sense as a makeup artist, however, the average brunette does not need brow powders for a red-head. Quite simply they would likely not be used which is kind of a waste so I can understand the desire. Find my full review on the complete kit here :)

Here is the good news, Once again Sigma has listened and every eyeshadow is now available for individual purchase INCLUDING all shades from the Paris Palette which is my favourite palette by any company...maybe ever. The Paris palette was limited edition and is currently on sale for $49.00 rather than  $59.00. I believe until supply runs out. You can still use the 10% off code on it as well for even BIGGER savings. You can find my review on the Paris Palette here. The brow powders, dual ended brow pencil, gel, as well as the dual ended highlight pencil, can now be purchased on their own. The brow powders are now DUOS!! That's right, there are TWO shades in each! The brow powder duos are $14.00 which is very reasonable!! Both brow pencils as well as the gel are each $12.00.

As of yet, the "Defining Eyes" palette created with the fantastic Tiffany D's colours are not available for individual purchase.

The formula has been improved for the eye shadows and they are ALL fantastic. The pigmentation, the texture, the blend-ability. Seriously. Epic work. As I stated before, the first palettes were not love at first swatch for all shades. I tried not to judge and gave them all a fair shot, but some shades were just not up to par, as hard as I tried to make them work. I knew the formula had changed so I was nervous swatching the individuals for fear or disappointment. As I sat I found myself saying, wow....WOW! Over and over.

Without further ado, here are the swatches!! I DO NOT have any sort of light coloured base underneath, these are the true colours. They are creamy (for a powder) if that makes sense and I cannot stress enough that these are incredible and with a selection of 30 shades, there is something for everyone.

 Blues & Greens



 Neutrals, Greys & Blacks

Yellows & Oranges

 Purples & Plums

Eye shadows are $11 each, but as always you can save 10% using the monthly code "BASE2013" (valid through Feb. 28th)

Brow Pencil Only Available in Medium/Dark
Its dual ended and a thick pencil. I prefer a thin pencil personally.

 Dual ended, matte and shimmer highlighting pencil
Also a thick pencil, which I like, for under the brow.

 Shimmer highlight, Matte highlight, Medium Brow Pencil, Dark Brow Pencil
(I do wish the "dark" was a hair darker....no pun intended)

 I have used the brow gel only a few times, I personally do not need it for mine but have used it on clients.

 Brow powder packaging

Brow Powder Duo in  "Light"

 Brow Powder Duo in  "Medium"

 Brow Powder Duo in "Dark"
This is the colour I use on myself. The dark is very dark in the powder form and works great on people with VERY dark hair.

 Brow Powder Duo in "Auburn"

 Swatches are in the order of photo
Light (2 Shades)
Medium (2 Shades)
Dark (2 Shades)
Auburn (2 Shades)

10% Discount Code for February is