Saturday, February 12, 2011

Bubble Babez Bath Co.

If you are a follower of mine on You Tube, which I am going to assume you have heard me blubber on and on repeatedly about Bubble Babez bath Co. If not, bubble babez is a handmade soap company owned and operated by two of my closest friends Nikkie (nikkie20six) & her fiancee Tristan. This is not a product which is bought and resold. It is a new bath & body company, run out of their home featuring handmade....from scratch products. Deliciously couture.

these are bath bombs and the icing is your soap (one time use)

Infinite's bubble baby (all handmade) creativity or what?

Presentation & packaging play a huge roll in marketing a product as we well know being makeup junkies. Bubble Babez goes above & beyond in ALL departments. One look at this stuff and you will be drooling. One smell and you will be hooked for life. My husband and I have a running joke that it is our "crack". Seriously. I kid you not.

EDIBLE sugar scrub...its delicious! (meant for 2 in the shower)

New Chocolate Sugar Scrub for Lips (LOVE THIS STUFF!) Also comes in strawberry!

I am all for supporting friends and helping them out, but if a friend had a less than great product out there, I would be happy they are trying but never endorse it. This is a product I truly love and enjoy. I am sent things now and then to try, being to it as we are friends, before they are available to everyone. However, I place orders on a regular basis and pay for my bubble babez items, pay shipping, pay it all, so I do not run out. Plus I would be a really lame friend if I expected continual free hand outs.

Rush by Shemar smells of Davidoff Coolwater available for men or women

You can find many reviews on my channel if you want to hear what the kids and I think of the products. I won't go on and on about every single soap & scrub.

The reason I wanted to post was bubble babez started about 8 months ago with a few different items for bath and shower time. they have recently come out with a broad spectrum of items which cover almost everything you are looking for in the way of smelling clean,fresh, sensual etc....You can find items which will make your skin incredibly soft both in and out of the water.

Body butters, lotion bars, body mists, body washes, whipped sugar scrubs, whipped body mousse & the list goes on..
works great, scent stays on skin, does not lather a ton.

light yet stays, not overpowering at all!

a new version on the old cubes, the lathering is done for you, its great!

This comes out of the container as a thick dry foam but melts to an oil on contact with your warm body!

Their website is very neat and easy to navigate, divided into categories and sections. Which by the way is also done by Nikkie and Tristan themselves, the fonts, the pictures, the editing, all of it!  There is a men's line (my fav is desire, named & created by my husband Jason), a kids corner, the bakery, the knock off section (based on famous fragrances). There is a Valentine section which has so many new items including "edible sugar scrubs" and his & hers soaps....I had always wanted to eat my Bubble Babez.... now I can. There is a gift set based on yours truly and I'M ON SALE!  
Seeing La Juicy as the name may veer your mind to think "viva la juicy" by juicy couture by it is not scented after that item. Its a play on my last name. Drroxxette from You Tube could not pronounce my last name, so she started calling me "la juicy" and it stuck. This set smells like sugared vanilla :)

Bubble Babez has a blog sale on right now with some items which are unavailable on the site as of yet so feel free to browse it. There is also a Face Book Fanpage. 
Just wanted to once again share of love of mine with you all. I am so proud of Nikkie & Tristan. So refreshing to see a company who loves their product and is NOT all about the almighty dollar.

Dana <3