Monday, January 31, 2011

Blog Sale!!! OPEN!!!


First and foremost we need to get the rules in check.

  • Shipping is worldwide
  • If you want an item, you are to email me the items you want & your paypal address so I can invoice you. The email address is
  • Once you receive your invoice, you will have 30 minutes to pay via PAYPAL ONLY.
  • No haggling, holding, bargaining, (it will pend for 30 minutes, then go the next person if the invoice is unpaid)
  • If you are able to be on my blog and emailing what you want, you are able to go to paypal & pay. I see this as fair. I dislike being on a blog sale myself, seeing items I want & not being able to buy because they are being held for hours on end.
  • Shipping within Canada is Canadians know this. I can ship to the US for cheaper than to my next door neighbour. I am not joking. I can't ship within Canada for less than $7.50 & the price climbs from there up to 13-14 dollars. I am absorbing this cost and making a flat rate cost for CANADIANS of $8.00 no matter how much you buy.
  • Shipping to the U.S. will be 7.00 no matter how much you buy
  • INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING will be $8.00 no matter how much you buy
  • I am an ebay seller & know my costs to ship worldwide & these prices are fair. You can feel free to check the postage price when you package arrives if you think I am into ripping people off.
  • If however I am sending an invoice and it is only for a few pencils (example) I can mail those like a letter and they will ship for 2.00 :)Your invoice will be adjusted depending on what you buy, but if you buy anything bulky prepare for the 7-8 dollar shipping cost!!
  • Any item which is brand new will state so, if it has been swatched or used I listed approx how much it has been used.
  • I will not accept returns, nor be responsible for mailing issues, they will all be packaged well, but once they leave my hands I have no control.
  • When an item is sold, and paid for, it will be marked as sold under the photo.
  • All of these items have been floating around in my huge train case & labels are missing or banged up on some. 
  • I have sanitized all of these items.
I am not selling these items because I do not like them. I either have doubles, or they did not work for me but will for someone else. Also, I simply do not have the room, nor will I get to use all of this stuff. I simply have too much and need to let someone else enjoy them!!

I am listing them all in USD (currency)

BH Cosmetics 120 palette  - 3rd edition - Some colours swatched - $20.00 USD SOLD

 MAC Silver Fog Pigment - FULL - Old Style Jar - Discontinued - $15.00 USD sold

 MAC - Iridescent Powder in Silver Dusk used 1x - $15.00 USD SOLD

 MAC Gold Stroke Sample jar - $4.00 USD SOLD

 MAC Sweet Sienna Sample Jar $4.00 USD SOLD

 MAC Sheerbronze Mineralize Sheersheen powder $10.00 USD SOLD

 MAC Spunsilver Glitter Liner used 1x Discontinued $8.00 USD

 MAC Shadowy Lady Eye Shadow - Matte- Used 1x - $10.00 USD SOLD

 MAC Night Manoeuvres Eye Shadow - Used 1x - $10.00 USD SOLD

 L'Oreal Infallible Lip "Stay on Fire" - Only swatched for this photo -  $5.00 USD

 Cover Girl Outlast Smoothwear All-Day Eye Liner  - Sealed - "Sage" $3.00 USD

 Cover Girl Liqui-Line Blast "blue boom" swatched $5.00 USD SOLD

 L'Oreal Lash Serum Out of packaging - never Used - $5.00 USD SOLD

 L'Oreal Retractable Pro Eyeliners Khaki & Wine both used 1x - $ 3.00 USD each

copper sold

sky blue shimmer

plum pizzaz sold

Coconut Bay Cosmetics Pigments "khaki" "taupe" "sky blue shimmer" "copper" "plum pizzaz" $2.00 each

Coconut bay Cosmetics "light sand" bronzer MINERAL $3.00 SOLD

translucent veil MINERAL $4.00

bisque concealer MINERAL $4.00

size difference between pigment jars & bronzer/powder/concealer jars

"sunset" 5g pigment sold

"Jordan" <<<gorgeous!!!SOLD

"twilight green" SOLD

"Citrus" sold

above shown pigments $4.00 each

"Dusty Rose" blush $4.00 SOLD

Size difference of jars....shadow jars are large!

Mineral Magic Stacker

Contains " bubbly, goth girl, dream,wisdom,spray tan"green has no label

Almay felt tip liquid liner pot "black" swatched $3.00 SOLD!

dragonette $5.00 SOLD
eco chic SOLD
azure SOLD
violet vibe SOLD
myth SOLD
Annabelle Pigments $3.00 each
I have doubles of all these & will never get through them!!
large jars! 2.5 grams

annabelle "glitterama" liquid liner  "kryptonite" $2.00 SOLD

Smashbox Brow Tech & Cream Liner Palette
one colour swatched
$8.00 SOLD

Mayra's Cosmetics All Sealed Samples $1.00 each SOLD



TKB Trading Pigments $3.00  ALL SOLD!!!

Quo Cosmetics Brush Cleaner $5.00 75 % left SOLD

Revlon Colorburst Hot Pink Patent Leather 5x Shine Gloss *new* $5.00 sold

Revlon Colourburst lipstick "soft nude" used 2x $4.00

Revlon beyond natural skin matching makeup med/dark $10.00 never used

Endangered Gel Liner Blacked Forest Green swatched $4.00

Gold Glitter Lashes $1.00 SOLD

Ichabod's hollow hot wax melts $5.00 each

raving beauty wax candle melt $2.00 with tea light

Yves Saint Laurent Elle body lotion *new* $6.00

maybelline cream shadow palette used 2x $6.00 SOLD

rimmel sexy curves waterproof black mascara used 1x 
$3.00 sold

rimmel lip liner retractable east end snob $3.00

Rimmel Stay matte Foundation "ivory" used once $5.00

rimmel saty glossy "yours forever gloss" deep wine colour used 1x $4.00 SOLD

Rimmel sun queen bronzer LARGE!!! used 3-4x $5.00 SOLD

Mehron paradise refills yellow swatched water activated $6.00 for set SOLD

Mehron metallic powder bronze $5.00 *sealed* SOLD

bslap oil control  blotting compact- new - $8.00 SOLD

colour corrector wheel bslap colours swatched, green used 1x $5.00 SOLD

Bslap blue glitter *eye safe* SOLD

gold SOLD

red *sealed*
$5.00 each 5g jars SOLD

drama queen gloss bslap took tacky label off *new* $3.00 SOLD

bslap lip lustre soft golden nude with pink reflects $3.00 used less than 5x SOLD

each SOLD!

Sigma ss182 kabuki in velvet pouch $6.00 used 3-4 times SOLD

Necklace & matching earrings $15.00

NYX Jumbo Crayons `Milk` brand new $3.00 each ALL SOLD

NYX Jumbo Crayons dark brown, purple & rust all swatched! $2.00 each

Milk pencil swatched $2.50 SOLD

NYX ultra pearl mania pigments...brown almost full others half full $2.00 takes all three SOLD

NYX kiwi shadow used 3x $2.00

vasanti v1 foundation $10.00 never used only swatched V1 - Liquid Cover Up Oil-Free Foundation and Concealer-Fair to light complexions

Tahiti shadow $8.00 swatched only (beautiful pink with gold reflects)

Ardene glitter liners $2.00 SOLD

ardene eye shadows VERY Pigmented used a few times each $2.00 each BLUE AND GREEN SOLD!

clinique fresh bloom ltd edition eye shadow $7.00 SOLD

Glamour Doll Eyes shamrock <<<beautiful $3.00 used once SOLD

flirt liquid liner $2.00

raving beauty pigments jordan & forest berry 
(I love these pigments but have more than one of each)
$3.00 forest berry SOLD

Sigma makeup bag $6.00

estee lauder "nectarine" pure colour lipstick swatched once red-orange $4.00

estee lauder artist's eye pencil $4.00 used 2 times