Monday, January 17, 2011

L'Oreal Magic Smooth Soufflé Foundation

I had mentioned in my facebook fan page last week that I was interested in trying out this "new" foundation and was inquiring with fans as to whether they had tried it out yet. The response of those who had, seemed positive. I dislike reading reviews by people who do not follow the basic steps to letting a foundation perform at its full potential. Those steps being the steps listed a few lines below.

TIP: Foundation is to be tested running from your cheek down over your jawline to your neck. If it disappears, you have the correct shade.That being said, your neck may be a shade lighter than your face so buffing foundation softly onto your neck is just fine.

You must ALWAYS:

A) Moisturize your skin appropriately, with a moisturizer which is suited to your skin type. (oily, dry, combination etc.)
B) Choose your correct shade!
C) Choose your ideal coverage requirements.
D) Choose a foundation which will work with the age of your skin. This does not mean you cannot use an anti-aging foundation at 30. I know plenty of people in their thirties who have fast tracked the age of their skin via sun damage, smoking etc.
E) Apply a sunscreen, the higher SPF the better, I cannot stress this enough.

Foundation is NEVER to be used to "add colour". Leave that job to blushes, bronzer etc. It is to be used to even the skin tone, mask small blemishes, and give you a flawless finish without looking "overdone".
A foundation alone WILL NOT completely camouflage blemishes, cover deep set wrinkles or conceal really dark circles. That is your concealers job.

TIP: If you have dry or very dry skin, one application of moisturizer is not always sufficient. You skin will absorb it almost immediatley and it is fine to re-apply.

All the basics being re-capped, onto the review :)

I have been using this for 4 days now, and the results are FANTASTIC! I have used "mousse" finish foundations in the past and found most of them to feel heavy or cakey, almost oily if you will. This one is a different story. It is a mousse yet has a powder feel to it, like velvet. A little goes a long way, I barely use anything at all, and it fully covers my entire face. This is NOT a heavy/full coverage foundation. It is medium and feels like air. It lasts about 10 hours and no powder was required on my skin to set it. It preaches to be pore smoothing, and it holds true to that promise. I do not have large pores but my pores are definitely visible on my inner cheek area. This foundation muted the pores and gave an almost airbrushed finish without looking like you slapped makeup on with a shovel. My freckles are still visible through it, but are also muted a little. I really enjoy  that, as it gives the appearance that I am not wearing foundation. I like the twist cap and large pot design. As with any makeup application less is more. I would not double coat or layer this foundation as the consistency will only look rough or like icing if overdone. 

TIP: Drinking lots of water is the first & most important thing to do for your skin. If you do not like water alone, try crystal light individuals :) I like raspberry peach :)

This foundation gets a 5 out of 5 from me. No strong scent, great packaging, great coverage, velvety finish & worth my $19.99 Canadian dollar. I absolutely detest wasting my money on products I use once and toss aside, whom do not live up to their promises. I will buy this again & again. Being a Mother of 5, I am always the last to get ready & in all honesty do not have the time to take out my brushes and take my time putting a face on everyday, this allows me to have a great looking skin with such minimal effort. Such results for being so easy & quick to apply.

If the above rules are followed I cannot fathom anyone not agreeing that this is a fantastic product. Its so pleasing to see pharmacy/drug store makeup giving some of the high end brands a run for their money. Accessible to mainly all beauties, & no online shopping required.

Feel free to leave me comments if you have tried it out, I would love to hear how it works on oily skin :)

Side Note: I prefer to apply this foundation with my fingers & for added smoothness, couple it with the L'Oreal Studio Secrets primer :) Review coming soon!

Dana <3


  1. I saw these like right when they came out and almost lost it.
    I immediately unscrewed the lid, swatched it, (shhhh ;p), and fell in love.
    I haven't bought any yet, but I could tell it was amazing and so smooth.
    Now that I've read your review, it's definitely gonna be my next foundation purchase.

  2. Wow! I haven't seen this yet but am eager to try it!

  3. I have religiously used this product since in felt it form a silky layer on my hand and dissolve the day I picked it up off the shelf

  4. Did you use powder over it? I am going to skip the powder today but so far, love this product!