Monday, January 17, 2011

L'Oréal Paris Infalliable Lip Colour Stars Collection - Beyoncé's Red

     I was out a few Saturday ago, New Year's Eve actually, working on a bride named Sarah who was not conventional in the typical bridal more natural makeup look for her big day. This of course had me all kinds of excited, and I looked forward to her charcoal dramatic smokey eyes, and bold red lips!
     The colour the bride chose to wear, was one newer to the world of intense reds, being the L'Oréal Paris Infalliable Lip Colour Stars Collection - Beyoncé's Red

Beyoncé is well known for loving red lips so it is of course mandatory that her shade in the new "stars collection" be the boldest truest red you have ever laid your eyes on. I'll admit, when I saw the red of the plastic outer packaging it adopts somewhat of a pinkish hue which threw me off, thinking it may be disastrous! However, once I slid the felt tip applicator out of its sleeve, I was convinced this lip colour and I would make beautiful music together :)

     As soon as I began to place it onto her lips, I was blown away by the intensity! This is the truest most beautiful red I have ever seen or used. I did not think any red could ever match the perfection of MAC Russian Red for me, but it has been replaced.
     It glides on like a dream, the felt pointed applicator lays at an angle, which allows for great precision, I was pleasantly surprised. Reds are not forgiving in the application department and can be rather scary to use. You do not want to look like a psychotic "I'm so pretty" lip stick smearing nutcase from the movies, so its something that takes some time.
     This lip colour promises to stay put for 16 hours and "never fail". I have heard these promises before from other companies when it came to stay on lip colour. They either dried the heck out of my lips and shriveled them into dry prunes or I had the lip colour welded to my lips for 3 days waiting for it to wear off. Short of taking a shoe shining brush to my lips, these other brands just left me stained and confused.

     So the steps are to apply the main colour which slides up, then untwists to reveal the wand. After you apply the main colour.... wait. This is so very important. Finish your hair, put mascara on, find something to do for about 3 minutes. This will ensure that the colour is set and you can now proceed to step two, setting and conditioning the lips.

     The lip conditioner twists up like a regular lipstick and you apply it directly over the colour, all over your lips. This is non-greasy, non-drying and adds instant gloss and finishes the look.

     I recommend this product as well as this colour. I wore my red lips all night like a champ after taking these pictures. It INSTANTLY makes you feels glamorous, not to mention it has the perfect undertone to make those teeth chiclet white!

   I later ate a sandwich and took a pic to see if it transferred at all...I do not need a hubby with red lips all over his face.

mmmm peanut butter sammich!

Here is a shot of the bride :)

Dana <3


  1. I have used this before and absolutely love it. Glad you like it too.
    P/S Love the blog

  2. Omg Dana! I am also a die hard fan of Russian Red and this one!!! Great post :) In my mind you are like my adopted makeup mama =D

  3. I think its just me or something but my mom and I both have ran into problems with this brand. I apply one coat, let dry and then apply the gloss. If the gloss wears off and I don't immediately apply again the product starts wearing off in chunks. I've tried applying a different balm and it immediately made it go chunky...=(
    I have tried exfoliating my lips prior and always moisturizing but I can't keep the product from going chunky and peeling/cracking. Even tried applying a really light coat and still no success.
    I am so bummed about it, I will keep trying to find a way. I love the colors.