Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Licensed, Professional, Makeup Artist

Good day Loves,

I had done a post a few months back in an attempt to help you make the best decisions when it comes to choosing your makeup artist for your wedding. I sincerely hope it helped some of you, or that you were able to pass the info on to someone who could use it.

This post has been a long time coming and it is not meant to stir the pot, nor get anyone's blood boiling. It is coming from my professional point of view and I deserve just as much respect in my industry as anyone else does in theirs.

This day in age it is absolutely possible for ANYONE to choose a profession to do either full time or 'on the side' and present themselves as a pro simply by putting in into writing. ANYONE can make a Facebook page, instagram account, website, YT  etc...etc.... That is absolutely fine as well, but, do NOT label yourself as a pro. You can have business cards made, blogs written, tweet this, twit that, and get IG FAMOUS ( whatever that means). I could in reality, make a website stating that I am a plastic surgeon, have a diploma framed, make some business cards, a website etc, rent a space and start doing terrible surgeries by next week. Extreme example yes, but that would only last for so long before I would be sued or outed as a fraud, for making people look terrible. As I just stated that is an extreme example but you cannot just mess with peoples faces. Even if it is just with makeup.

"Hobby artists" see this as, 'fun' or 'extra cash' etc, which is fine. But when you are charging people for a service and do not protect yourself or the client, or have gained your knowledge from instagram, you are a makeup lover!! There is nothing wrong with that, but this is a world where sanitation and safety are of the utmost importance. You have ZERO business taking money from anyone for your 'services'.

I cannot count the clients who have come to me and stated they had a trial or their makeup done by someone who advertised themselves as a makeup artist, only to get their appointment and have the 'artist' pull out their own personal makeup kit to use on the client or even worse, have the client bring their own makeup to apply. If you see this happen, run the other way. This person is not a professional. You are opening yourself up to bacteria of epic proportion. Disease and infection are easily spread through mucus membranes of the body, eyes, mouths etc. The artists tools are constantly touching these areas of the face and you need to protect yourself against conjunctivitis, herpes and endless forms of bacteria.

These hobby artists don't take into account what will happen to them if they get sued for a severe infection suffered by a client, which THEY caused. A lawsuit against them for a slip or fall which happened when a paying client came into their home to have a trial etc.

Social media is a platform which is great to gain recognition, or launch your business and help you establish yourself. But you need to have something to back it up. You cannot be a person who only takes selfies and does his/her own makeup. Doing it for fun for friends and family also does not qualify you. If it does, then I've been a makeup artist since I was twelve years old.

If you have a profession which you went to school for, nursing, accountant, teacher would you enjoy someone coming along and grabbing your title because they home school, or do their own taxes, or take their elderly fathers blood pressure daily? Don't get me wrong, there are many people doing makeup who were not formerly trained. Fantastic artists who are naturally gifted and are phenomenal. These people have paying clients and actually work as makeup artists in real life! I don't have a second job to pay the bills, this is it. It's my full time gig. When you work hard for as many years as I have and have established yourself, you can branch into doing what you love. Exclusively. Many photographer friends have done this and it's a beautiful thing to watch. Don't get me started on the 'faux-tographer'. Everyone these days buys makeup, or a camera and are suddenly doing 'Glamour shots by Deb' in their basement. Ugh. Fourteen year old girls in their bedrooms who have been thrown Daddy's credit card in a MAC store, preaching via YT as a 'makeup artist' and 'teaching' the masses? No, just no.

To those currently taking offense, by all means, if you love makeup, love doing makeup etc, carry on. Just have respect for the professionals in the industry. Don't label yourself to be something you aren't. Be a makeup junkie, be a makeup geek, a makeup lover, be a girl who loves doing makeup!

The truth in all of this is reading this post will not stop anyone, it only takes one trial or appointment for a client to run in the other direction from someone who disappoints them or just simply does not have the knowledge to back up their 'skills'. I get emails daily from clients looking for help after a terrible trial, a makeup they washed off, disappointed brides etc... Heck, I've had so many recently come to me out of desperation because they have been cancelled on last minute by the 'artist' just because. The weak get weeded out quickly.

This post is also not to be construed as me trying to monopolize my city, I am extremely busy and refuse to take on more than I can handle. I have burnt myself out in the past. I book two years in advance for weddings and work with about a half dozen photographers regularly as well as my regular clients.

This is an industry which needs to be protected. Do your research when booking, watch for sanitary practices. Ask for credentials. You are paying a professional, make sure they are one! If you sign up for a makeup class on a weekend it should be fun, professional and you should leave with some actual knowledge. Pros don't use our fingers to apply everything to faces, we aren't filthy pigs, we don't hire strippers for class intermission, we don't post or respond in emojis (like a 12 year old). We aren't late,  we don't cancel, we put the clients first. Always. We do not have the business sense of a burnt marshmallow (thanks Alex).

I don't mean to sound hypocritical. I do YT and IG and Twitter and all of it, but I HAVE the knowledge, the skill, the training. That being said, there are bigger names on you tube (let's call him Dwayne Moss), who claim to be professionals and have had the wool pulled over the eyes of millions for years without any actual credentials to back up their claims. He's a complete fraud IMO. No portfolio, no work in print that I've ever seen, floating on bs info, click bait and a self proclaimed title. Steals images and pumps out some of the stupidest 'tips' I've ever heard. Annoying. You're not untouchable sir. Give credit to those who actually ARE makeup artists, not just claim to be.I have been doing this as a professional for twenty one years. I hope this lends some insight into how a professional sees things. If you bought a avon, mary kay, arbonne makeup kit, you are not a makeup artist. You are a makeup enthusiast, and a part time sales person. You enjoy doing makeup. Please stop taking the artist out of my artistry.